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Your source for all your outdoor power equipment needs.

Our History & Our Vision.

Borrie’s Outdoor Power equipment was started in 1970 by Craig Borrie in his parents’ workshop.  Besides working on mowers and other equipment, he went to college, worked at a locker plant and then went to refrigeration school.  He continued to fix appliances until 1980 when he built this shop and held his grand opening.  His customers were mainly homeowners and farmers at this time as there were not a lot of landscapers, yet.

Craig continued to grow his business for the next 35 years before beginning to plan his retirement.  He added brands to his lineup, built a loyal customer base, hired great employees and raised his children while growing this business.  

In 2016, Craig sold his business to us, Patrick and Lauren Dunn.  With landscaping backgrounds, we understand the needs of homeowners and landscapers when it comes to outdoor power equipment.

Our promise to our customers:

Homeowners and farmers

We understand the need for great customer service as well as great repair service.  We will be a resource for you whether it’s to fix your equipment quickly and correctly or get you the right parts if you are a do-it-yourselfer.  We will always communicate with you in the method you prefer!


We understand that for landscapers, time is money and promise to get your repairs done in a timely manner.

We will be a resource for you in selecting equipment, fixing equipment and providing customer leads.

Thanks for being a part of our story!

Our Products.

At Borries Outdoor Power Equipment, we pride ourselves in selling only the best products, made to last, and perform at the highest levels.  We carry only quality products and equipment to ensure that our customers receive the best value for their money. 

Scag Power Equipment is known for building "Simply the Best" commercial grade mowers on the market today. We also offer many quality products from Toro, Wright, BobCat, Stihl, Billy Goat, MTD, and more!  Please feel free to stop in and check out the BEST in outdoor power equipment!

Our Services.

We have a well stocked parts department and are well equipped to handle your replacement parts needs.  

Our technicians are factory trained through hands-on service schools, service seminars, video and internet training programs.  We strive to properly repair your outdoor equipment the right way, the first time!

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