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One of the best residential zero-turn mowers available, the BOB-CAT® CRZ™ offers higher quality commercial-grade features and components than other brands in the same price range.  BOB-CAT'S 5 year/500 hour warranty is the best on the market.  The BOB-CAT® CRZ™ weight and open frame design provides easy access to the engine, filters, belts, battery and more – taking the hassle out of routine maintenance. 

Deck sizes available:  42", 48", 52"and 61"

Ground speed: 7mps                                   If you have over 4-5 acres, you may want 

Prices range from $4,499-$5,299               to consider Bob-Cat Commercial mowers

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The Toro TimeCutter has an option for every home owner.  Deck sizes range from 32" to 60" and are available in stamped, welded/constructed, and heavy duty.  Smart Speed® control system lets you choose from 3 ground speeds for optimal performance - trim, tow or mow.  

MyRIDE® Suspension System, a suspended operator platform with adjustable rear shocks for maximum comfort, is available in select models.  Home owners with bigger properties may want to consider the Toro Titan.

Prices range from $2,699-$6,299 

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Scag specifically designed 3 mowers for the home owner that wants a high-quality mower but does not need a large, commercial-grade unit. Now, there is no need to take a step down and buy a big box, throw away mower. Now, you can buy something that will last, and perform at a very high level.  They are so comfortable and fun to drive, you may just find yourself looking for more grass to cut!

Deck sizes available range from 36"-61"

Ground speeds range from 7-10mps       If you have over 4-5 acres, you may want 

Prices range from $4,325-$7,724                  to consider Scag Commercial mowers

Residential Mowers

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Walk Behind

Take the work out of mowing your yard and have more time to enjoy it. Toro® lawn mowers are highly productive and easy to use. And with Toro’s proven durability, you’ll get more than a beautiful yard — you’ll get dependability and reliability you can count on for years to come.  Toro offers a wide range of walk behind mowers.  There is one traditional "push" mower and all of the other models are self-propel or personal pace.  They offer FWD, RWD and AWD models in a variety of engines (Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Toro and Honda).  Other options are high rear wheels, blade stop, electric start, SmartStow, and Iso-Flex™ Handle.

Prices range from $279-$699.99